Central Law is the only 'not for profit' standalone law firm in the country. We exist to deliver access to justice - be that legal advice or representation - to as many people as possible.

Who Are Central Law CIC?

As a community interest company, we do not distribute our profits to our partnership and we do not have any shareholders. Instead, these profits are paid back to the charity that sits above us, so that we can use these funds to deliver legal advice to more people and continue to subsidise our charging rate. 

We currently offer advice on Family Law, Housing and Employment. We are small, we work really hard and above all, we prize our clients. We believe that everyone has the right to legal advice and guidance and to receive this advice with dignity and respect. 

We do charge for our services but our rates are a fraction of commercial law firms, because we are subsidised by local government, grants and private funders. 

We do offer pro bono advice and work, but that is for people who literally have no resources at all. Our view is that most people can afford something; and you can take some reassurance from the fact that we do not use your fees for plush offices or posh coffee. We use it to help others in need. 

Most of us work by remote to deliver these services. We prefer to have virtual meetings using Microsoft Teams or Zoom, so we can pay less rent for office space and offer our services across the country. 

How Do We Charge?

Solicitors charge by the 6 minute unit per activity. We don’t do that. We bill per minute even though we record our time in 6 minute units and for larger pieces of work we offer fixed fees. We always agree these fees up front so that you know what you will be paying for your legal representation. 

Who Do We Help?

We work for anyone. Our lawyers are excellent, from diverse backgrounds and of varied experience. The one thing that we have in common is that we believe in what we do and we will do our very best for you. We pride ourselves on our client care being second to none. 

We are building our website at the moment so bear with us. If you do need legal advice, please contact us on 01245 951300 and leave a message. Our messages are checked twice a day so your call will not be missed. You can also use the contact box below if you wish.

If you are a lawyer and want to work with us, please write to Kerrie at kerrie.davis@centrallawcic.co.uk.  

Who Do We Work With?

One of our core beliefs is that a little, early legal guidance can go a long way to dispelling myths about family law and easing anxiety around family breakdown. For this reason, we collaborate with various groups to offer this early intervention.

We do so free of charge because the impact of early guidance can be substantial. It certainly helps to build confidence at a time when that may be lacking. We are funded by various grants to do this, but it is a struggle! What we do know is that by making these services available, 30 minutes of our time may mean a wholesale change for a family breaking down.


We have a private Family Law Group with Dadsnet to offer guidance and advice. This service is free of charge and is available to all their members.


We receive referrals on specific questions and talk through situations with individuals referred to us, free of charge.


In partnership with the Essex Civilian Military Partnership Board (and the unrelenting insistence of its Chairman), we offer free legal advice and representation where possible, to those stationed at Colchester Barracks. We are expanding this offering to include other bases in East Anglia. We firmly believe that those who serve in the Armed forces should have access to legal advice without paying commercial rates.


Because Essex County Council has been instrumental in setting up this firm, we offer free guidance and support to anyone in need of family law advice through the remarkable Facebook platform created to meet the challenges of Covid 19. We are well aware that the impact of the pandemic will continue to be felt long after the restrictions relax. So we are committed to continue this support as long as needed.


We are collaborating with Good Egg Safety’s campaign around parental alienation and offering what support and guidance we can to those children and parents who are having to tolerate this invidious behaviour that is essentially an emotional abuse. 


This is a new free initiative being piloted in Essex to help people achieve a “better” divorce. It is a delivered over video meeting and face to face in 4 parts over several months to small groups.  We believe that this could be a game changer in influencing and supporting people who are going through family breakdown to focus on what really matters for themselves and their children. This course is especially valuable given the introduction of the no fault divorce laws.


If you do need legal advice, please contact us on 01245 951300 and leave a message or use our Contact Us box below. Our messages are checked twice a day so your call will not be missed.

If you are a lawyer and would like to work with us, please check out our vacancies.

Contact Central Law CIC

Telephone: 01245 951300

Email: enquiries@centrallawcic.co.uk

Alternatively, to contact Central Law CIC, please make an enquiry using the contact form below. A member of the team will be in touch with you at the earliest available opportunity.