Central Law Group CIC is Britain’s first non-profit civil law firm. Our mission is to provide great legal advice and representation to ordinary people at prices they can afford.

We don’t work for profit – we work for you.

Who We Are

We are the first civil law firm in Britain to operate as a community interest company.

Central Law Group is a social enterprise. That means we are a private company with a social mission. Our profits don’t go to partners or shareholders – they are shared with our staff and put back into the business to support our social mission and benefit the community

Our lawyers and support staff come from a diverse set of backgrounds but we are united by a dedication to what we do and a desire to serve the wider community. Our directors are a former city lawyer and a Citizens Advice Bureau chief executive, bringing the best in commercial sense and community-led thinking together to create a law firm that works for the benefit of all, not just those who can afford to pay high fees.

Our Goal

Our goal is simple and straightforward – expanding access to justice. We believe that access to quality legal advice at an affordable price is a right, not a privilege.

We believe that the legal system should work for everyone, regardless of income; we provide a flexible service that gives you as much, or as little, as you want or need. At Central Law our decisions are driven by your capacity to pay and your needs, not by billing targets.

Above all we don’t believe in legal representation as charity – we provide a self-sustaining public service, whose cost is met by our service users, with the broadest shoulders bearing the highest burden.

What We Do

We currently serve clients in the following areas of law:

Family law
Employment law
Housing law
Consumer law

We offer the full range of contentious and non-contentious services in these areas, using our dedicated solicitors and paralegals, as well as our links with barristers from the local area and beyond, to solve your legal problem in the most efficient and effective manner.
Our Partners

We work with the following organisations to give help and support to those who need it:

Our Partners