Our housing law services

Our lawyers and advisers can assist with many aspects of housing law and landlord and tenant disputes. Whether clients are in need of representation at court hearings, advising on the terms of their tenancy, help with court forms or just preliminary advice, our housing law specialists can assist with knowledge and care.

Central Law is teaming up with the Citizens’ Advice Bureau to provide last-minute advice and support to unrepresented tenants at Chelmsford County Court (when in-person hearings are resumed), which is just one of our ongoing partnerships with organisations supporting those in need.

We are happy to provide advice to landlords or tenants, subject to ensuring we have no conflict of interest. At Central Law we think access to good, low-cost legal services should be universal, and believe everyone benefits when both sides are properly advised.

We also provide the latest updates on housing law, helpful guides and reports on cases we’re working on – click here to find out more.

Housing Court Duty Scheme at Chelmsford County Court

One of our staff is present at Chelmsford County Court every Monday from 9am to give free advice and representation to residential tenants with possession hearings. We provide this service in partnership with Citizens’ Advice Chelmsford and the Chelmsford Legal Clinic.

If your hearing is in person, please ask the court staff to direct you to the duty advisor. 

If you have a remote hearing, you can get in touch by calling 01245 951300 or using our contact form below. 

Our housing law clinics

Facebook Clinic

Our Housing Law Group offers a safe space where you can post your housing law questions anonymously and receive an answer within days. Every week users post their questions and one of our specialist advisors will post a reply each Friday. If you’re in need of further help or we think your question needs a more comprehensive answer, we will contact you via Facebook Message to arrange an appointment via telephone.

Telephone Clinic

If your matter requires more in-depth advice or assistance, or you aren’t comfortable using Facebook, we run a free telephone clinic on an ad hoc basis. If you’d like to book a slot, please use email, call or use the contact form to tell us about your issue and we will be in touch to book an appointment with you.

These are very popular and slots might book up very quickly in advance, so please be patient, and if your issue is urgent please consider the Facebook Clinic as you may find your query is dealt with more quickly.