Our consumer law services

Consumer issues are one of the most common legal complaints ordinary people face. Many law firms charge high rates or neglect this area of law altogether. At Central Law we provide support and advice in all aspects of consumer law, from interpreting contract terms and advising on disputes to assisting with the drafting of court forms.

Our consumer specialist is a highly experienced lawyer who has dealt with high-level commercial disputes at a city law firm. So she knows contract law like the back of their hand! At Central Law we strive to bring high quality service and expertise to every area of our practice.

We also provide the latest updates on developments in consumer law that may be of interest to our clients – click here to see more.

Our consumer law clinics

At present we only provide free consumer law advice via Facebook, but are hoping to expand our service in future.

Our Consumer Law Group offers a safe space where you can post your consumer law questions anonymously and receive an answer within days. Every week users post their questions and one of our specialist advisors will post a reply each Friday.

If you’re in need of further help or we think your question needs a more comprehensive answer, we will contact you via Facebook Message to arrange an appointment via telephone.