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Essex County Council Coronavirus Funding Will Help Us Serve The Most Vulnerable This Winter

Central Law welcomes news that it is to receive additional funding from Essex County Council to help residents during the covid crisis.

The funds are part of the £3.9m welfare support programme announced by ECC on 5 November to distribute covid-related funding. We will use this funding to keep expanding our pro bono advice provision and allow us to subsidise the cost of legal representation for those in need, particularly those facing difficulties in the area of employment law.

As renewed lockdowns and continuing economic disruption continue into the winter, more and more people are coming to us looking for support in employment law. We are doing the best we can to make sure they get the support they need, whatever their financial situation.

All of our Essex-based clients need help with employment law issues will benefit from this money, as it is being used to fund the provision of extra legal staff to provide free advice appointments, ensuring the best advice is always available when it is needed.

Part of this funding will also allow us to fund or subsidise the representation of Essex-based clients in the most difficult financial circumstances, allowing those with good claims to get the support they need and get the right outcome for their case.

For those of our clients outside Essex, or those facing non-employment related difficulties, we continue to work hard to ensure that everyone will get free advice and affordable legal representation whenever they need it.

Because of ECC’s remarkable foresight in recognising the power of the internet to help communities, they supported our initiative well before Covid, so that we could deliver legal advice and support without being hampered by geography. When Covid hit, we were ready to step up as needed. As such, we are prepared to meet the demand for our services during this difficult time. 

“Because of the support that ECC have given and continue to give us, as a firm, we offer residents of Essex priority in appointments for advice. I suspect our biggest focus this winter is going to be employment law with family and housing law enquiries on a par behind that, as people worry about their jobs, children, family breakdown and their homes. We’ll provide this support for as long as we can. We are very proud to have pioneered in Essex and to work with ECC, and to ensure as far as we can that Essex has our primary focus.”

Shalaleh Barlow, Partner, Central Law Group

Post Author: Oliver Winters

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