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If you’re worried that your current or former partner or your previous partner’s new partner has been abusive or violent in the past, Clare’s Law was created to formally give a person the right to find out. Clare’s Law, as also known as the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (DVDS) allows:-
  • A person to make an application to the police requesting information about a current or ex-partner, because they are worried they may have been abusive in the past and believe they may pose a risk to in the future.
  • Request information from the police about the current or ex-partner of a close friend, neighbour or family member, because there is a concern that they might be at risk of domestic abuse in future or a risk to the family.
 ‘right to ask.’  A person has a right to ask the police no matter if the enquiry relates to a heterosexual or same-sex relationship, as long as that person is aged 16 or older. A person also has the right to ask about a partner regardless of gender identity, ethnicity, race, religion or other characteristics. ‘right to know’. This means that if police checks show that a current or ex-partner has a record of violent or abusive behaviour, and they believe a person may be at risk, they may decide to proactively share that information with the person who has made the request.

Post Author: Karen Farrow

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